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    SvCom FAQ  

Q: I am unable to login to get latest update.

A: Have you purchased SvCom more than a year ago? If yes then you need to purchase One Year of Free Updates And Support.
Send a short message
with details of your registration. You will receive a link to page to place your order.

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Q: SvCom package is not active

A: It is possible that SvCom package is installed but not activated. Do the following:

  1. Turn the Delpi IDE off
  2. Run InstallPackages tool. You can find it in SvCom folder


  1. Run the Delphi IDE
  2. Open Components -> Install packages dialog
  3. Find the SvCom Components in the list of installed packages.
  4. If there are not SvCom Components in the list then click the Add button, browse for dclSvCom*.bpl package in the System32 (or SysWOW64) folder and install it.

Q: An exception occurs immediately I start to debug my service. Why?

A: This exception is raised by protection system we use. It is a third-party system so we ca not remove it. Just ignore it and continue.


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